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Branding, events and BTL management, and advertising is the work of creative agencies. Production concept, product concept, selling concept and commercialization concept are orientations towards the marketplace.

products that are widely available and inexpensive are preferred by consumers, this is known as production concept. Consumers prefer the product that provides the most quality, performance or innovation features, this is known as a product concept. customers buy product only if the company aggressively promote/ sell these products this known as selling concept. If a target market is offered better value on their need and wants to be compared to the competitors this is known as marketing concept.

The company being sold. The document puts together the process that the organization will undergo to achieve its marketing objectives. Managers need to put into consideration the following events. Evaluating opportunities, creating marketing strategies, preparing marketing programs and specify expected results are crucial in marketing objectives settings.

Tool analysis for big data. External/self-analysis, strategic position and marketing plan are discussed. External analysis comprise of customer analysis (segmentation, motivations and unmet needs) competitors analysis, (their performance, image, culture, strengths, and weakness). Major market trends, key success factors, opportunities and threats, analysis of competitive or improve focus are examples of industrial analysis. The organization can decide how it will achieve its long-term mission/goals based on the SWOT analysis a strategic posture.

Quality/ features advantage hence differentiation, marker focused power and TQM advantage ( a value-driven strategy based on continual innovation in price, product and process) Quality/ features advantage hence differentiation, marker focused advantage and TQM advantage (value-driven strategy based on continual innovation in price, product, and process)

The following process of creating distinctive name, slogans, symbol, sign or design or combination of all elements that makes a product or service to be identifiable is referred to as branding.

Improve recognition, generate trust among consumers it’s important to create a brand. It is important for the employees to have a strong source of inspiration and motivation which could be provided through branding. a strong brand breeds referrals.

Companies marketing online. The following are online marketing avenues Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others We can promote a product, provide better customer service and have a competitive analysis through the avenues. Insight into our game with regards to promotions, pricing, customer reach, etc. are some of the competitive analysis.

There by product promotion. Google AdWords pushes pictures to expand the reach and segment the goal audience. This increases our overall brand visibility. Customer services, when customers are unhappy or happy about the product they will often head to social media to voice their opinions. Addressing such equerries will go a long way in the long run.
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