Evolution of Skateboarding As Seen Through Enthusiasts Such as Greg Peralta

Cruising down the road, the wind in your hair, taking curves at high speeds, the body leaning into each and every nuance. No, you’re not riding the roads on your Harley, but you could be experiencing the rush skateboarders live each and every time they take the board out.

The history of the skateboard goes back to the early 1960s when roller skate wheels were placed on boxes and then wood planks. It was seen as a dry version of surfing. But soon, the so called fad died out and stayed buried until the the early 70s when the sport experienced a new boom thanks to urethane skateboard wheels. Off and on, this sport and favored pastime has waned and peaked, bringing it to where enthusiasts such as Greg Peralta can now view the sport in world-wide competitions such as the X-games.

In the past, skateboarding was accomplished by using the feet to propel the board forward, taking the ride as long as momentum would allow. However, today’s technology has introduced riders to an even more relaxing ride, one using an electric motor. Still, the long and short boards are the most common types used by skateboarders today. For speed and cruising, most choose to go with a long board, while the shorter, more concave board is used for tricks and showing off.

While some people see the skateboard as a toy, something for children to have fun with, over time, it’s evolved into a major piece of sporting equipment. With homemade ramps in the driveway and skate parks all over the country, the sport has taken on a life of its own, engaging teens and adults alike. Local, regional and national competitions entice some, while others just enjoy the sport for the fun of it.

If you’re new to the sport, purchasing the right equipment is key to your success and safety. A helmet, knee and elbow pads are critical to the ongoing function of your body after a fall, and believe it when told, there WILL be falls. Ask the experts for advice and always use the safety equipment when riding. Skateboarding is a thrilling sport and all the proper precautions should be taken.

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